Current Submission Requests

We’re going to start with some relatively straightforward, non-controversial material, so please send us any advice, tips, info, examples of successes, examples of troubles and how you resolved them, and any useful sample emails that would help other authors deal with any issues they’re having in this area.

Our first area of content is copy-editing! What is it? How does it work? What makes it work well? What has gone badly for you and how did you fix the problem? Have you ever sent an important email to get something sorted that you could share for people in the same boat who need some sample wording? What surprised you about copy-edits? What are your top tips?

As soon as we’ve got enough content in this area – bearing in mind we want lots of different takes – we’ll put up a new set of requests so even if you’re too busy to contribute now there will be lots of opportunities later!

Do check in for updates before writing and submitting your contribution.

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